Z6X3D-C - the affordable 3D360 video system

Z6X3D kit set

Do you want the 6-RED dragon 3D360 setup by don't want to pay for $180k? Do you want to shoot similar to the Nokia OZO, at 1/10th of the cost? With our kit set you can easily convert your Gopro camera into a tool for making the next generation of 360 VR media. With our extensive research in 360 & 3D, our solution can provide stereo depth-aligned 360 in the most cost-effective way, while keeping the stitch quality comparable to our Z3X rig. You'll have the best thing of both 360 & 3D worlds! The lens separation was designed to film objects with nice 3D depth from 1.5m to 8m. Stereo base at different value can be made to order to best suit your filming requirements.

The mount was made with the highest quality industrial 3D printer at high precision and with great finishing, and it's built to last with the strong & flexi nylon materials. The output resolution from six Gopro Hero4black camera on 4K mode is at 5.6K per vision, and photo size at 6000x3000 pixel.

There is a bonus feature for the Z6X3D system: by using just one of the camera pair, user can make immersive 3D180 video very easily without any stitching artifact. Simply by remapping the video for a over/under representation, audience shall able to enjoy high quality immersive 3D180 of with first-person's perspective experience(POV).

This kit set includes everything you need to convert six of your gopro camera into a hexa-lens 360 video system. The Z6X3D kit set shall come with six 10mp 194fov fisheye lenses and the Z6X3D mount in a rugged carrying case. Standard color will be in black.

This a direct output of from Kolor AVP2, rescaled to 2K for smoother playback. pls download before playing back: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f92yyhwcwem1avh/mc-AB-z_2048.mp4?dl=0.

Retail price: $2199

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This is a made-to-order item. Expected Delivery lead time: about 1-week.
All sales final, no refund or exchange policy.

Z6X3D - the FAQ

What to know more about the fantastic 3D360 system? Just feel free to contact us by email :)

1) Can you tell how to make 3D360 video?

A: the Z6X3D works like a pair of Z3X, with slightly offset positions for stereo depth. Once all 6 video were stitched & aligned together, we adjust the vertical & stereo alignments before rendering the pano video for the Left & Right visions. When the video pair were generated, we combine them as above/below or side-by-side 3D format, with a simple script with FFMpeg.

2) Which stitching software could be used?

A: we provide a stitching template made with PTGui. Users can use the template for easier stitching once the video was synchronized. When the reference pair was aligned, users can render the L/R video using PTGui via batch jobs, or done more quickly with VideoStitch or Kolor autopano video. We are working close with the video stitching engines to enable easier 3D360 workflow in the short future.

3) Is it difficult to change the lens by myself?

A: the lens of hero3+/4 black can be removed very easily with a simple piping wrench with the following steps.

Please check the full tutorial here.


4) Which Gopro model are compatible? Does it work with Gopro Hero4?

A: We designed the system with Gopro Hero 3 Black and Hero3+ Black editions. we are glad to tell the Gopro hero4 Black & SIlver edition are compatible with our lens & mount.

5) What is the output resolution of the 3D360 system?

A: although Z3X can work with 16:9 4k/2.7k mode, the 3D mount need more forgiving margin to cover extra parallax & it work best with the full circular image being captured:

- Usually with six 1440p input video, the size of output video is 3000x3000@30/48fps with AVP;

- The new 2.7k 4:3 mode of hero4 is likely supported, making 4k output;

- With Photo mode, the output resolution is 6000x6000 pixel with AVP.

- With our firmware hack on the hero3/3+ Black, which force the camera to keep taking high res photo at high frame rate & record as video file, the output resolution can reach 5800x5800@24fps. We shall test if the firmware mod is working on hero4 black.

6) How to display 3D360 on Oculus Rift, view on Internet and smartphones?

A: Currently there are many free players can play 3D360 media nicely on desktop such as VRplayer, Kolor Eyes player, and Totalcinema360. Select the media source as 3D over/under or side-by-side spherical format and track with Oculus Rift DK2, users shall able to see the panoramic video in 3D with head tracking. Users can also view the 3D360 on smartphone HMD adaptors like Durovis Dive, Google Cardboard or the up coming Samsung Gear VR with 360 video playback apps that support side by side display, such as Kolor Eyes player (iOS/android) or VRplayer (android).


7) Is it with 3D on the full spherical coverage?

A: Unlike other 3D rigs available in the market, we have good 3D alignment in mind when designing the system. Other systems may only have good 3D in certain particular regions, or having broken images everywhere that irritating the 3D effects, or with very narrow vertical field of view. Our solution provide good stitch & good sense of 3D in most regions, except the very top & bottom regions. the Z6X3D made a trade off for better zenith spot and leave a small hole at the nadir, where tripod or other mounting located. The effective coverage is about 360x175deg. The more than necessary overlapping allow seamless stitching for both eyes at reasonable working radius, and our special tilting up design shall able to keep the zenith spot nicely and users can have good sense of 3D at very high elevation.

8) Can we use other lens with the Z6X3D mount?

A: Users can get full spherical pano if the full 180x180x180 field of view was captured by the cameras. However, most mini fisheye lenses available in the market was not making sharp & nice color at the rim zone of the circular image, making the stitching work very difficult and down grade the output quality. We tested over 30 mini lens from the market before making our very own one. We designed our own lens to maximize the fov on the 3000 vertical pixels of hero3/3+ and produce sharp image at the edge, enabling sharp panorama at all regions.

9) I want to order a 3D mount with customized color, how shall I proceed?

A: Each of the Z6X3D rig will be printed with an industrial grade SLA 3D printer with highest precision & strength available in the market. The Ironman-red was a special edition exclusively for the Photokina2014, and the normal consumer version will be painted as dull black color for easy blending into the scene. If you order two set of Z6X3D at a time, we can arrange customized color for you.


10) I want to order a complete set with six gopro pre-modified, how shall I proceed?

A: Please send us email for your special request, our representatives shall arrange a custom order for you. Be reminded that no lithium batteries will be shipped as it's not accepted by our major courier companies like Speedpost & DHL. Users are advised to arrange batteries locally. A wifi remote controller is needed for controlling the gopros together, it's not included in the package and users have to arrange on their own. Both hero3 & hero4 wifi remote can be used on hero4.