iZugar Z4XC Armor Complete Set



The Challenger. HDR Enabled

High quality VR video in 6K 360 with 4 Cameras

The challenger at your service. Seamless 360 video in compact space can now be an easy task with the Z4X mount, no more broken seams everywhere when shooting inside a jet fighter. Working with four mini 185 lenses shall give you more freedom to shoot your next 360 master pieces. Being 33% lighter than 6-cam setup, the excessive overlapping between lenses shall be very generous & forgiving with the parallax issues. With the special design, seamless 360 video can be taken at just 0.5m away.

The mount is made from airplane grade aluminum at high precision and with great finishing. Custom color could be made to order if needed. The output resolution from four 1440p video is about 2800×1400@30fps, able to reach 4K@30fps with 2.7k mode, and photo size at 5800×2900 pixel. With our custom firmware to overclock the Gopro, the output video size can be boosted to the same size as in Photo mode, ie 6K in 360.

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Key Features

  • 360 Live Streaming Video in 6KShooting
  • 5800×2900@30fps max (with Hero4Black)
  • Perfect for POV360
  • Fit for compact space, like jet fighter

Complete Set includes

  • 4x Pre-modified GoPro Hero4Black camera
  • 4x iZugar MKX19 Fisheye Lens with 194 FOV
  • 4x iZugar MKX19 Fisheye Lens Ring
  • 1x iZugar Z4XC Armor Mount – made from airplane grade aluminum
  • 1x Tripod Mounts
  • 1x Protective EVA Camera
Except batteries, all camera accessories included

More info? Visit our Z4XC FAQ

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