iZugar Z8XL Complete Set



Your next gear for Stereo VR

Professional VR video with 8 MFT Cameras

Stereo is definitely the next big thing for VR! As a professional producer, have you ever satisfied with the quality made with small sensors with action camera, but not ready to spend $30k or $45k rig for your serious 360 3D video work? The challenger is here at your service. 360 video at DSLR quality can now be an easy task with the Z8XL rig.

Compatible with your favorite workflow, can be stitched with Kolor AVP3, Nuke/CaraVR, VideoStitch, StereoStitch, and many optical flow based engines. For your easy start basic templates will be included.

It is made with our best MFT fisheye lens with optimal performance for VR video making, with small size to keep the parallax under control, as well as fully synchronized to make sure the images are catching up from one camera to another. The excessive overlapping between lenses shall be very generous & forgiving in stitching. The setup is very reliable. unlike some other action cams which may freeze themselves due to overheating, ZCam E1 – iZugar Custom Edition is doing a very good job here and ready for live streaming for your important scenes.

It is with modular design. When needed you can always turn the rig into monoscopic rig, or even easy 3D180 with optional accessories.

The mount is made with aircraft grade aluminum at high precision and with great finishing. The output resolution from four 2432p videos is about 5400×2700@30fps, more than enough for the mainstream stereo distribution needs. Can reach higher resolution when capturing on 4K mode. Anyway, we believe the overall video quality with bigger sensor will make key difference to every consumer grade VR camera.

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Key Features

  • High quality stereo 360 rig with DSLR quality on each video frames
  • Fully synchronized
  • Output size at 5400×5400@30fps rendering with Kolor AVP
  • Custom firmware for optimal fisheye shooting, max 12-stops dynamic range with E1
  • Compatible with your favourite stitching software: Kolor AVP, VideoStitch, Nuke, Stereostitch, PTGui, and many new optical flow engines

Z8XL Complete Set includes

  • 8x iZugar MKX22 MFT Fisheye Lens
  • 8x Zcam E1 camera – iZugar edition
  • 1x iZugar Z8XL Mount – made with aluminum
  • 8x sync cable for E1, one master + seven slave cables
  • Special pre-launch offer: 1 x Z4XL Mount, worth USD199.
  • Hat not included. 😊

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Dimensions 34 x 32 x 34 cm